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Michael Hollingsworth Founder & CEO, Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup

Michael Hollingsworth's career path and expertise in biohazard cleanup and related services are commendable. His extensive experience of over 22 years and certification from ISSA, GBAC, and OSHA is a testament to his commitment to maintaining the highest standards of safety, cleanliness, and disinfection.

Moreover, his certification as a life coach in trauma and drug rehabilitation, and his membership in the Drug and Alcohol Testing Industry Association further demonstrates his dedication to helping people in need. His leadership skills are evident in directing a team of 24 biohazard remediation specialists.

As a native of Harlem, New York City, Hollingsworth has also made significant contributions to his community as a mentor and philanthropist. His work with major companies such as Labcorp, Westchester, and County Family Courts has further enhanced his reputation as a reliable and trusted professional in his field.

Overall, Michael Hollingsworth's impressive credentials and commitment to serving his clients and community make him a valuable asset to the biohazard remediation and related services industry.

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