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Crime Scene Cleanup
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Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup service provides fast, discreet, OSHA regulated cleaning services for the safe removal of biohazard material. We understand the importance of professionally sanitizing, disinfecting and restoring homes and businesses quickly following the police investigation of a traumatic crime or homicide. Our biohazard cleanup and blood cleanup process is safely performed by specialists trained, tested and certified by industry leading authorities, such as ISSA—The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC). 


When a crime scene has been contaminated by blood, body fluids, gunshot wounds, violent assault, or body decomposition, trust our team of biohazard remediation experts to restore the location to its pre-incident state. Biohazards from blood-borne pathogens will be disinfected, decontaminated and disposed of quickly and safely with our New York City crime cleanup service. Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup not only supplies professional cleanup services for crime scenes, suicide clean up, and homicide cleanup, we are certified trauma counselors. Unlike many crime scene cleanup companies, Harlem CSC is also able to help survivors, families, property managers, and business owners navigate the emotional toll of recovery.

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COVID- 19 Disinfection
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Proper cleaning and disinfection is a crucial step in complying with coronavirus safety recommendations. Why should you or your staff struggle with Covid-19 cleanup protocols on your own? Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup provides professional disinfecting and cleaning services in the Tri-State Area, New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland so that your team can avoid the dangers and physical toll associated with performing this essential responsibility properly. 


Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup is a trusted coronavirus disinfection company certified by MFS for virus disinfection services. We are experts in protocols for mitigating and combating COVID-19 as per EPA and CDC regulation. Our janitorial services offer preventative, response, infection control, and contamination control measures for known or potential infectious disease outbreak situations. Our professional deep clean disinfecting service procedures for response and remediation, use of personal protective equipment (PPE’s), tools and equipment are certified by the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC).  Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup is the Covid-19 disinfection company New York can count on.

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Janitorial Cleaning
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Our Uptown swag isn’t the only thing that makes Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup unique among NYC area janitorial companies. Harlem CSC is a black-owned janitorial services provider specializing in a wide array of professional commercial cleaning services for the New York City metro area, Tri-State Area and Maryland. We proudly serve local businesses, churches, property managers, restaurants, commercial offices, retail stores, office buildings, warehouses, factories, schools, medical facilities, dentist offices, banks and more. The Harlem CSC janitorial service offers free estimates and flexible scheduling before, during or after your business hours. Our janitorial services include office cleaning services, deep cleaning services, coronavirus disinfection services, professional disinfecting, steam cleaning, kitchen cleaning, restroom cleaning and sanitizing, window cleaning, biohazard cleanup, odor removal, air vent cleaning, steam disinfection, floor cleaning and waxing. We accommodate all types and sizes of facilities and businesses with a “get it right the first time” philosophy that helps keep Harlem CSC a top-referred NYC cleaning service.


Whether you require regular visits or one-time deep cleaning services, let our professional certifications, accreditations, experience, resources, and quality-control measures go to work for you.

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Hoarding Cleanup
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When clutter accumulates it can be dangerous and unhealthy. Toxic buildup of mold and carbon monoxide, increased risk of accidental fires, biohazards and germs that can multiply amid layers of possessions—these threats loom constantly for hoarders, often unknowingly.  Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup provides hoarder cleaning services in the NYC / Tri-State Area to help individuals, families, and business owners return their environment to a safe space. Our hoarding clean up specialists understand the unique difficulties involved with letting go of personal items that often have sentimental value. Harlem CSC not only provides professional cleaning services for hoarders, but we have certified Life Coach Counselors on hand to assist with navigating the emotional terrain that often accompanies hoarding cleanup. We take pride in our commitment to protect our clients privacy with the use of unmarked vehicles for appointments. Our team members are patient and compassionate professionals who prioritize restoring your home or business to its most comfortable and presentable state.


Harlem CSC is an OSHA regulated provider of extreme cleaning services, trucks and dumpsters for hauling away unwanted items. Our hoarder cleaning service specialists are trained, tested and certified by ISSA—The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association.

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Blood Cleanup
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Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup provides blood cleanup services to the New York City / Tri-State Area and Maryland. Whether at your business, residence, or managed property, biohazard cleanup is serious business. Cleaning up blood after an accident or

cleaning up bodily fluids in the workplace require safety protocols and sanitizing equipment that your average body fluid clean up kit won’t provide. After an injury or death that results in bloodshed, professional biohazard cleanup companies offer the peace of mind that you can get the job done safely and effectively the first time. Harlem CSC blood cleanup biohazard specialists are rigorously trained to comply with the OSHA standards for blood and body fluid cleanup. Unprotected contact without safety equipment can result in exposure to harmful blood-borne pathogens and deadly consequences. We offer free estimates and competitive rates, and are happy to work hand-in-hand with your insurance provider—our services are typically covered.

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Exhaust Hood Cleaning 
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Dirty kitchen exhaust hoods create dangerous fire hazards for commercial kitchens. By law, the states of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland require proper restaurant hood cleaning to comply with local Fire Codes and Fire Rules. Harlem CSC provides commercial kitchen hood cleaning as an essential component of our commercial kitchen cleaning services. We are MFS certified in exhaust hood cleaning and vent hood cleaning to help restaurants, employee cafeterias, hospitals, hotels and all food service locations stay safe and up-to-code. Harlem CSC is a trusted hood filter cleaning service near you that offers two methods of commercial hood cleaning based on your needs, and those of your local governing fire code. Scraping is an economical and highly effective method when performed by a professional hood cleaning service. Pressure washing or steam cleaning is more costly as it requires more time and more expensive equipment. However, this method will clean filters and ductwork more thoroughly, and may be required by local regulations.

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Suicide Cleanup
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When unimaginable tragedy strikes, the last thing family or friends need to think about is how to clean it up. To lose a loved one by suicide is a particularly devastating ordeal. That’s why Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup offers more than professional suicide clean up services, we provide certified Trauma Counselors to help ease the sometimes overwhelming burdens of coping with traumatic stress.  


After a home or business has been exposed to blood or body fluids, deep cleaning and disinfecting the area quickly is necessary to rid the space of potentially harmful blood borne pathogens. Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup is an OSHA certified suicide cleanup service. Our crime scene cleaners have the prerequisite training, licensing and equipment to handle biohazard remediation efficiently; effectively restoring your home or business to its pre-incident state. 


The Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup crew is always on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer questions about our process and provide free estimates for the New York City, Tri-State, and Maryland areas.

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Trauma Counseling
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When traumatic events happen, often a person is tasked with not only physical recovery, but mental and emotional recovery as well. The wounds an individual may struggle to heal are not always easy to see, recognize, or understand. Harlem CSC trauma counseling services can help you and your loved ones to restore some sense of control and mastery over their own coping capacities after a crisis or traumatic event. Our counselors are certified professional trauma therapists, licensed and trained to assist clients who may have difficulty with problem solving and other coping skills following an emotionally disturbing event.   


Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a normal and common response to trauma. PTSD can manifest itself in the form of day or night terrors, anxiety, depression, sleep disturbances, recurring flashbacks, nightmares, and poor eating habits. Don’t let your traumatic experience become a life-long distraction to your daily living and hamper your quality of life. You can count on your Harlem CSC PTSD specialist to provide emotional support and trauma therapy designed to relieve the mental and emotional crises and the subsequent psychological and behavioral conditions that frequently follow.

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DNA Testing
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Families trust Harlem CSC to provide accurate, fast, and convenient DNA testing and legal paternity test services in NYC, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland. Our conveniently located DNA test lab offers DNA paternity test services, post conviction DNA testing, and immigration DNA testing. We are one of the few, proudly black-owned DNA testing companies in the nation. Legal DNA tests are done by cheek swab at our Harlem DNA test lab. In some cases, we can also extract DNA samples from fingernails, hair follicles, and other specimens. The testing procedure is quick and painless, and our sample collectors are accredited by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB). Rest assured that our results are accurate and court-admissible.


Paternity Testing

For a DNA paternity test near you, consider the licensed DNA testing professionals ready to serve you at Harlem CSC. The accuracy of our paternity test is 99.99% when the alleged father is the biological father of the child. When the alleged father is not the biological father, the accuracy is 100%. Paternity testing is quick and simple. Get the answers you need for child support cases, social security, or birth certificates by scheduling an appointment today.


Immigration DNA Testing

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) enforces very strict laws regarding Immigration DNA testing. Failure to comply with these laws may jeopardize your immigration case. Harlem CSC specializes in DNA testing for immigration purposes and can provide you with legally sound, accurate results in as few as 2 to 3 business days. When you need DNA for immigration applications, our immigration DNA tests play a pivotal role in substantiating claims of familial ties and reuniting your relatives as legal migrants.


Post Conviction DNA testing

What is post conviction DNA testing? A post-conviction DNA analysis is normally available in cases where DNA testing wasn’t available at the time of the original trial or when technology has advanced to a level that offers a more accurate test than the one used previously. In New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Maryland, DNA access laws allow for any person who was convicted of a crime to be eligible to apply for post-conviction DNA testing. Harlem CSC post-conviction DNA testing guarantees accuracy ratings that exceed 99.99%, and in cases of exclusion, our test results are error-free.

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Post Accident Drug Testing
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New York State’s Code Rule 60, the Workplace Safety Loss Prevention Incentive Program (WSLPIP), provides an incentive for companies in New York that maintain a drug-free workplace. When a workplace or work-related accident happens, dismissing drug use as a potential influence in an accident can bring peace of mind, and potentially certain benefits for employers related to workers’ compensation insurance premiums and claims. Harlem CSC provides post-accident drug testing, sometimes referred to as “post-incident” drug testing, for employers and employees in the New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Tri-State Area and Maryland. Our OSHA certified post accident drug testing procedure is reliable and over 99.99% accurate. We are licensed to do DOT testing and non DOT testing. Post-accident drug testing should be done within 2 hours of the incident, since different drugs may have different windows of detection. Generally, employees should not return to work until after test results have been received. Don’t delay in contacting Harlem CSC to schedule your post-accident drug test today.

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Decontaminating Illicit Drug Laboratories 
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Toxins formed during the manufacturing of the drug methamphetamine, or “meth," permeate the entire property, floor to ceiling, including the entire ventilation system. When drug waste is dumped outside, burned or poured down the drain, it often results in soil, septic and filtration contamination. Without assistance from a professional meth cleaning company, serious health risks can remain present years after the cooking operation is absent. Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup provides a licensed drug lab clean up service for property owners in the New York Tri-State Area and Maryland. Our certified technicians test, assess, decontaminate and restore meth manufacturing sites. All of our techniques and protocols adhere to EPA, OSHA, and CDC requirements and recommendations. Our meth cleanup company begins the restoration process by collecting samples of the entire location so that we can determine the level of toxins present and the best method of remediating. Respiratory problems, chemical poisonings, skin reactions, migraines, risk of explosions and fire can all be avoided with our decontamination and remediation services. As a trusted meth lab cleanup company, Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup’s proven process and thorough attention to detail will recover not only your investment, but also your investment income as quickly as possible.

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Decomposition & Odor Removal
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A variety of incidents can cause bad odors to overwhelm a home or business. Perhaps you have already tried numerous odor removal tactics, but are still left with a lingering smell. Particularly when it comes to the smell of death, a pungent scent isn’t the only thing that remains behind—decomposing biological material often releases airborne bacteria that can pose health hazards. 


Harlem Crime Scene Cleanup offers professional odor removal services for the New York Tri-State Area and Maryland. We specialize in decomposition odor removal that may be required after an unattended death, suicide or homicide. When a person dies and is not found for days or weeks, our death cleanup specialists are ready to serve affected families and property managers. The Harlem CSC team is OSHA regulated and ISSA certified to ensure safe biohazard and death odor removal, helping to quickly restore a home’s livability. As one of the most versatile and experienced professional odor removal companies, Harlem CSC also provides odor remediation due to hoarding, animal waste, cigarette smoke, spoiled food, garbage, sewer backup, and fire.

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